The No-Grain Diet: Skip the Grain, Stop the Gain

No-Grain Diet Book

For more than three decades, health agencies and mainstream medical experts have advised people to avoid fat in order to stay healthy. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Guide Pyramid states that refined carbohydrates – bread, pasta, and rice – should be the staple of a low-fat diet.

But why is the average American still gaining weight at an alarming rate? The numbers don’t lie — over two-thirds of the population is either obese or overweight.

The truth is that eating fat will not make you fat. Consuming excessive grains and sugars, especially fructose, will.

Fats vs. Sugar: Which One Really Makes You Pack on the Pounds?

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, consuming beneficial fat helps slow down food absorption and leaves you satiated for longer periods.

Although shunned by most people, saturated fats are among the best types of fat. They provide the building blocks for your cell membranes, hormones, and hormone-like compounds essential to your overall health. Ideal sources of saturated fat include coconut oil, grass-fed meats, and raw organic dairy.

Fructose, on the other hand,is the number one source of calories in the United States. In the past, people received fructose by eating a piece of fruit or two, and were able to limit their consumption within the recommended amount. But today, fructose, particularly high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), is virtually used in all processed foods, which comprise the modern American diet.

You no longer have to be in the dark about what you should or shouldn’t eat. Dr. Mercola introduces a diet that will help maintain your ideal weight and promote optimal health.

About the Book:

Dr. Mercola’s bestselling book, The No-Grain Diet, reveals why grains and sugars are the main obstacles to losing weight and living longer. The No-Grain Diet will help you achieve your ideal weight and stay slim for life because it’s based on the fundamental principles of the human body and mind.

Dr. Mercola acknowledges that just as important as knowing the right type of foods to eat is effectively dealing with the underlying emotions – intense cravings, self-doubts, temptations – that often sabotage any type of diet. This is why The No-Grain Diet offers an effective and time-tested solution to the growing obesity epidemic.

A New York Times bestseller, The No-Grain Diet was the centerpiece of Dr. Mercola’s medical practice for over a decade. It has helped change the lives of thousands of his patients as well as the subscribers of his website,

Dr. Mercola has integrated the No-Grain Diet principles into his comprehensive nutrition plan.

About the Blog: offers health articles, recipes, and other helpful information on The No-Grain Diet and its principles. It discusses the dangers of grains and sugar, weight management recommendations, and other related health topics. It aims to empower people to take control of their health, starting with naturally managing their weight.

About Dr. Mercola

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Joseph Mercola has helped thousands of patients for over two decades with the help of natural medicine and whole-body approaches.

With his passion for health and technology, Dr. Mercola founded to spread awareness about the flawed healthcare system in the United States. He also uses the site to encourage individuals to optimize their health by making practical and healthy lifestyle choices. is now one of the leading natural health websites in the world, with over one million subscribers worldwide.

Apart from The No-Grain Diet, Dr. Mercola has authored other books, such as The Great Bird Flu Hoax and Sweet Deception. He has also appeared in several media resources, such as the Huffington Post, TIME magazine, CNN, and Fox News.

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